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Kit for 4

Your hassle-free culinary solution for restaurant-style meals at home, Serving 3-4 people. Each kit includes all ingredients needed, from sauces to garnishes, eliminating the need to source multiple items. Skip the grocery store - we deliver quality ingredients straight to your door. With easy instructions, enjoy gourmet meals effortlessly. Elevate your home cooking with Chef's Kit today.

Chef's Kit

Kit for 2

Your gateway to home gourmet cooking, Crafted for 2 people. With a Focus on simplicity, each package offers a thoughtfully selected array of premium ingredients, tailored for two servings. Bid farewell to lengthy shopping lists - our packs provide all the essentials, without the surplus. Unlike the Chef's Kit, it doesn't contain all the ingredients, but it still delivers top-quality essentials. With straightforward instructions, effortlessly enhance your home dining experience.

Starter Kits


Are all your products 100% vegetarian?

Yes, absolutely! We take pride in offering a diverse range of products, and each item in our lineup is 100% vegetarian.

How much time for delivery?

It usually takes 4-7 working days for a package to reach. You will receive a tracking link as soon as the package has been picked up from us. In case of any tracking issue, kindly contact us immediately.

How can I place a bulk order for this kit?

Head to the contact us page and place your enquiry. Someone from the team will connect with you within an hour to help you! We help groups, corporates and super moms plan the best gifts for their specials occasion.

Do you do Return Gifts for events or parties?

Yes, yes and yes! The DIY Kits make for the most unique party gifts! We have something for every age, starting from 1-99 years. We also do customisations so you can place your order, sit back and relax while your return gifts get shipped to you anywhere in India!

What if something is broken in the kit when it arrives, what do I do?

Don’t worry, under the Chefling Purchase Protection, you’ll be taken care of. Just send us pictures of what’s broken and we will send you the replacement for it! Send us an email on

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